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Taking pride in creating the finest handmade crafts, a piece from ComplemenTerry Designs offers a perfect final touch in any environment. Specializing in floral design, holiday items and home décor, Terry is also available to work on personalized projects.




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Terry has been working with floral arrangements and crafts for well over three decades. Most of these efforts started out as part-time positions and volunteer work. As a result of her strong work ethic, initiative, dedication, and abilities, her involvement always increased quickly in demand and responsibility. As part of her career, she has worked with professional flower shops, often as the lead designer.

More than two decades ago, an opportunity arose to set up a workshop in her home, and along with her husband's help, ComplemenTerry Designs began. The reaction was immediate... words such as beautiful, detailed, and fabulous were often involved in the descriptions of those presented with her work, along with surprise at the reasonable prices.

Her work crosses into all areas of design. She's provided arrangements for weddings... created table pieces for restaurants... decorated for holidays... and assembled pieces for use in every room of the home. In addition to floral work, her crafts have included centerpieces, ornaments, swags, wreaths, and other items far too numerous to mention.

Since those early days, Terry and Bob have brought ComplemenTerry Designs to numerous events -- primarily in Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York -- annually at some, repeatedly at many, and at times by special invitation.

Her love of family and getting wrapped up in her work... literally and figuratively... is symbolized by the ComplemenTerry Designs logo. Created by her son, Jay, it originally found the sweet black Lab, Lady, by her feet. Over the years, Travis and Molly have been added to the family and have joined the portrait. (For those wondering, Gus became the mascot of In My Backpack.)

Terry is currently available only by appointment and special request, and often can be found designing and creating special projects.

She loves to get feedback about her work... questions, suggestions and comments are all welcome... so feel free to send along an e-mail if you're looking for an answer (or even if you just want to say hello).


Thank you for your time. Please stop by again!

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