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Taking pride in creating the finest handmade crafts, a piece from ComplemenTerry Designs offers a perfect final touch in any environment. Specializing in floral design, holiday items and home décor, Terry is also available to work on personalized projects.




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One of the true pleasures of creating so many designs and items to be used for decorating is found in the feedback people provide when looking at them. It seems that each piece has earned its own story when it leaves our care and journeys to its new home.

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Perhaps it was the style... a swag... a wreath... a centerpiece... that was the ideal fit for a wall or table.

It may have been the colors... matching the paint, furniture, curtains, or any of a number of elements important to the buyer.


One thing is certain... everyone appreciates quality and value when making a selection.


At ComplemenTerry Designs, we have produced designs based simply on beautiful floral arrangements, and we have taken items such as birdcages and bicycles to build around. When matched with your home, the results are perfect finishing touches that you'll be pleased to include in your home for years.


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