Rainy days and naps


It is a perfect day for a nap. Absolutely, no way to argue it, perfect.

Bit cool. Raining. The weather is just right.

Most of the stuff on the list is either already done or not that important. Dishes clean. Laundry washed and put away. Dinner planned. And I mentioned the rain, so thereís not much to do outside.

Yet here I am, staring out the window and honestly, a bit depressed.

Not the normal rain is sad and so are gray clouds depressed. But instead of taking a nap, I really want to take a walk.

Ever had a dog? Do you walk them regularly? I mean, good, long, wear them out so they sleep all night walks. What happens when it rains for two or three days in a row? You can just see the dog a bit on edge, looking for that release.

Today thatís me. I stayed up most of the night working on some projects, have a cool breeze coming in through an open window and a steady beat of rain on the roof available to rock me as I doze off, but instead Iím standing at the door looking out at the puddles.

Crazy, right?

Usually I donít mind the rain. On some days, Iím actually pretty excited when it happens. Give me a good thunderstorm and Iíll be doing what I can to watch the power of nature on full display. Great stuff. But when it interferes with plans, it becomes a different story.

For years I worked with some people that always treated Fridays as a bit of a holy day. They prayed. They prayed for rain on Saturday. Prayed for rain so that they could delay projects outside and answer the phone call calling off the family picnic. But mostly, they prayed for rain so the kidsí games would get cancelled. No soccer and no baseball and no reason to set the alarm clock on a day off.

Iíve given up on ten thousand steps for today. Weather just doesnít look like it will cooperate with that. Just a mile or two would be nice though. Maybe a couple of breaks where I can head out and get a bit of distance under my feet.

Instead, Iím wound up and canít focus. I should be deciding if I need to pull something out of the freezer for dinner. Maybe thinking about a sandwich or salad for lunch. But here I am, staring out the back door, wondering if itís actually still raining. Maybe those dots hitting here and there are just strays, being blown around by the wind and not really a sign of rain falling. Maybe if I head out, the heavy stuff will hold off for a while.

(Do I go now? How about now? Now? Now? Do I go now?)

Crazy, yes.

I woke up early today. Actually, never really slept. So that nap is sounding really, really good. I am going to give in to that temptation in just a few minutes. But first, one more look out the window. I think if I grab a hat I just might be able to get in a mile or two without getting too wet.


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