Table for one


How often does your desire to do something get influenced but what you don’t feel like doing?

It’s not that you want to watch TV. You just don’t want to get out of the chair.

It’s not that you want a bowl of cereal. You just don’t want to cook.

The thing is, apparently, the times are changing. Because we’re viewing things differently than years before.


Friend mentioned that he was doing some work around the house. Back had been acting up. This morning, I sent a text his way…

“Hey, let me know if you need any help today. Heading to the kitchen to make some pancakes. Blueberry. Let me know if you want a couple.”

Ha, right? Good stuff. Offered to help. (Not looking for any credit there, just pointing it out.) And, blueberry pancakes. Fun.

In my day, there was a bit of a kindness found in the offer. Used to be that such an exchange would move to some polite and fun responses…

“Pancakes? See you in five.”


“Can’t, but thanks. Got a couple of errands to run. Talk later.”

But we’ve moved on from that. Now, polite has shifted to…

“What the hell, it’s 5 in the morning. Go back to bed you idiot.”

So that’s how my day started. But, I do have a couple of observations for you.

First, don’t spill the vegetable oil. Just don’t. Try not to be tempted by my experience and go off on your own to see for yourself. Benefit from my troubles. Turns out, when you spill it, you can never really get it all cleaned up. It goes everywhere, and then it stays everywhere.

Second, pancakes are delicious. Even when the batter looks right, but maybe not right. You followed the directions, and yet it still looks a bit too cakey or a bit too wet and… well… pretty much anything that ends with butter and syrup is a success.

So, let’s get back to the blueberries. Or, more specifically, cooking for one.

It’s a great scenario, night after night. Goes like this: there’s a temptation each and every meal made at home to open the cupboards or the fridge, consider your options, and settle on chips and salsa. Easy. Not a lot of dishes. And, if you’re deep enough down that road, you’ll start justifying it by deciding that having the salsa means you’re eating your vegetables.

Once you’ve cooked for two, four, or maybe even more people, it isn’t as smooth a transition back to one plate as it might seem. And don’t even get me started on recipes and servings and more.

Those pancakes this morning? I’ve been using the same recipe for years. Same cup of this and teaspoon of that. Difference is plain or blueberry or banana chocolate chip. But three weeks ago when I had some blueberries I wound up with eight pancakes. Today? Four. And… how? How? Same darn recipe. Twice as many pancakes. And there is absolutely no comfort to be found in knowing right from the start the difference is me.

Sure, there are some people that will ask if I used a different item to scoop the batter. Some might go so far as to say that even using the same stuff, I may not be scooping up as much batter that time as I did this time. With other recipes you hear about the humidity and temperature and not all ovens are the same. I’m not buying it. Not with my pancakes today.

But fortunately, I have more blueberries. In a day or two, I was going to break out the leftover pancakes, maybe make some eggs, and have another breakfast. Now I’ll just make another batch, freshly cooked. Problem solved.

Now, if only I knew what to make for lunch and dinner. Maybe I should defrost something. I could use a salad. Maybe some soup. Or… wait… are those tortilla chips?


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