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A monthly diary of current postings and quick train of thought entries


January 2023

January 23rd

Well, this month has hardly been what I expected. Which makes sense, since I had no clue what to expect.

Got a new essay for you today, with a lot more stuff coming over the next few days.

Dream on? Dream on!

January 17th

Warned you, at least I think I did, that this month was going to be a bit scattershot. So, let’s clear up what’s being done…

Suspiciously Picturesque is undergoing one last review before we set the last stages in order for release. We are still on track for a February publication.

A Parkside View will be out by this weekend, featuring four new essays on the pages of this issue. Make sure you get signed up if you aren’t already.

January 7th

Just making sure I’ve got this straight. Jodie Whittaker’s brilliant run as the Thirteenth Doctor is beginning the transition to Ncuti Gatwa’s. Having that in place begins the chaotic fun, as Gatwa will portray the Fifteenth Doctor. (Wait, the Thirteenth becomes the Fifteenth? Yup, because the Tenth is coming back, but not as the Tenth.) The outstanding David Tennant returns in what is being announced as the Fourteenth. To some of you, that makes sense. The amazing Doctor Who and all of this wonderfulness is headed our way, and yet somehow there’s even more to savor from this craziness. Folks… Neil Patrick Harris. (This is going to be fabulous.)

January 6th

And… like a heard of turtles… we’re off!

The effort by us to direct a bit of light toward the incredible facilities of Kevin Guest House and Roswell Park continues until the end of this month. So, please, check out their web sites and learn a bit more. If you can, buy a few books. (Thank you.) And more specifically, if you can, send them a few dollars, your generosity means a great deal. (Thank you!)


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