The In My Backpack Photo Gallery was created so that I could share some of my pictures. The simple reality is that I have always considered myself a writer with a camera. Over time, while the writing has remained the primary focus of my efforts, I've found more and more often that having a camera with me on some projects... and an ability to capture a moment or two... has served me well. When people began asking to use some of my images, I was honored by the requests. It soon became apparent that sharing a few pictures on the web site might be a decent idea.

The pictures in this gallery are all photographs that I have personally taken.

Each of the sections contains a bit of information... such as details about the performer or event, when the pictures were taken, and often links that may lead you to interviews I've conducted or associated web sites. I hope you'll take a moment to find out more about each of the fantastic people that are shown here, as well as details about any special events or subjects that may be included. These are amazingly talented individuals, and I know that if you have a chance to see them perform you will be very happy you took the time to attend the show.

*** Quick little note... All of the material presented on this site, whether text or pictures, is the copyrighted property of Bob Hocking, and may not be used for any purpose, in any form, without the express written consent of Bob. That includes all of the images in these galleries. Several of the individuals that I will be including in this section, as well as groups such as Legends in Concert, have been kind enough to use many of these photographs on their web sites and in other places. For the sake of simplicity, all rights are retained by me and use of these images without obtaining permission should be considered denied. (Thank you for understanding.) ***


Chris VanDahl

An In My Backpack interview participant

As a performer, Chris VanDahl is the complete package -- he doesn't just take command of a stage... he grabs it, fills it beyond capacity with thunder and electricity, and thrives on delivering audiences to experiences beyond their wildest expectations.

He has been compared to Steven Tyler throughout his career, and he currently offers stunning efforts as both Tyler and Aerosmith as a featured performer with the casts of Legends in Concert and with his efforts as a member of the world-class tribute band Aeromyth.


Princess Diana

A Wife, A Mother, A Princess, A Legend.

Those are the words used to sum up the award-winning exhibition - Diana: A Celebration. And, quite frankly, all four simple words... wife... mother... princess... legend... are about as wonderfully descriptive as you could ever select for capturing this fascinating and beautiful woman that charmed the entire world. Millions of words have been written about her... millions of people have found her enchanting... and yet only a single word needs to be mentioned to create chills and memories...


The award-winning exhibition - Diana: A Celebration - has concluded its run after more than a decade of shows that involved stops around the world.


New York State
Chinese Lantern Festival

The New York State Chinese Lantern Festival arrived on the New York State Fairgrounds in April 2017 for a run that lasted into late June.

Offering a stunning display of artistic effort and craftsmanship along with some wonderful stage performances, the festival was a fantastic way to spend an evening.


Bruce in the USA

Led by Matt Ryan, Bruce in the USA features an incredible collection of top-notch musicians that deliver emotional, powerful, and professional efforts from the first note of a show through the last. Matt was a regular with Legends in Concert when the idea to create a full “Springsteen and E Street” experience was being kicked around. Today, Bruce in the USA provides the best tribute artist effort in recognition of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band that you will ever see.


Brigitte Valdez

Brigitte is an amazing performer... a true powerhouse that electrifies audiences with an incredible voice. She has been a member of Legends in Concert since 2002, dropping jaws with her incredible tribute to Celine Dion.


Brian McCullough

Brian McCullough is known internationally as one of the finest tribute artists in the world. For almost two decades he has been a featured cast member with Legends in Concert.

He has an incredible voice and a soft-spoken charisma that immediately charms and connects with audiences. While watching him on stage, you can't help but feel he is exactly where he wants to be, is loving every moment, and that your enjoyment of the show is the key element in his enjoyment of performing. And when it comes to performing, he is damn good.


Sara Hickey

A wonderful singer and a beautiful woman, Sara is working hard to establish herself in the music business. Her efforts to date have been recognized as a member of Legends in Concert, where she has been on stage with a tribute for Carrie Underwood. Not one to shy away from a challenge -- as a tribute artist she has also performed songs by Dolly Parton and Patsy Cline.


Kevin Mills

Look over Kevin’s accomplishments and it won’t take you very long to realize that he is one of the very best in the world at what he does professionally… and that is performing as an Elvis Presley tribute artist. He has been recognized with accolades and awards pretty much since the very first time he performed as Elvis, and the applause has only grown louder… the praise has only become stronger. Kevin is incredibly versatile with his portrayal of the King, expertly covering the ground from the Louisiana Hayride days and early Elvis of the 50s, through the movie years and the Comeback Special, and ultimately into the iconic jumpsuit of Las Vegas and Aloha From Hawaii.


Art Vargas

Vegas Cool. It’s a state of mind. An image that transcends time. A powerful connection between people and a laid back emotion. And let there be no mistake… put Art Vargas on a stage, back him with The Swank Set, and… yeah… Art is Vegas Cool.

Art has been knocking audiences for loops... keeping fingers snappin', toes tappin', and crowds swingin'... in the old school, vintage Vegas way. In addition to performing with his band, The Swank Set, he has been a cast member of Legends in Concert -- delivering a widely acclaimed tribute to Bobby Darin.


Kelly Smith

Kelly Smith has performed across the country... and literally around the world... entertaining people with an incredible stage presence and a fabulous voice. She has delivered tribute performances as Cher and Shania Twain, and provided the singing voice of Cher for the movie And The Beat Goes On: The Sonny and Cher Story.


Christina Shaw

Christina is a talented woman that currently performs professional tribute acts for a number of singers, including Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and Faith Hill. (And… she has recently begun to add Lady Gaga to her resume.) Two things stand out from any performance… her strong vocals and the undeniable enjoyment she takes from being on stage. The pictures in Christina’s gallery here were taken during performances with Legends in Concert in August and September of 2010.


Tom Sadge

I've had the chance to see Tom perform twice to date, and the easiest description I can offer is that the man has a fantastic voice. There is a depth and power to it that makes him a natural, and he has worked in radio on the air. Singing is a passion for him, and he brings a great combination of energy, pride and showmanship to the stage. His tribute for Neil Diamond is simply incredible. You would be hard-pressed to find a nicer individual or more professional entertainer.


Tommy Emmanuel

Breathtaking... brilliant... outstanding... dynamic... incredible... just a few of the words you could use in describing Tommy, and those don't even begin to provide the credit he deserves. Widely regarded as one of the finest guitarists to ever play, he is a creative and unique professional that excels whether you are listening to a recording or watching him live... and understand, a Tommy Emmanuel live show is simply beyond compare. It is a rollicking, thrilling, emotional experience that will have your heart pounding and leave all of your senses dazzled. The pictures in this gallery were taken in September of 2009.


Ines Zak

Ines has performed around the world... and left thrilled audiences at every show. The images in this gallery were taken in July of 2010 while she delivered a tribute as Shakira for Legends in Concert. She is also widely recognized for her outstanding performance as Gloria Estefan. In addition to these efforts, Ines continues to tour with groups like Monroe Powell and The Platters. Her smile, powerful singing voice, and overall personality earn praise at every turn.


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