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...from any purchase of one of Bob’s books, a portion will be set aside for two great places:

Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center

Yale Cancer Center

These amazing facilities are providing fantastic care and more. With the current pressures and impacts we are facing in medical areas, support of tremendous places such as these is more important than ever.

Things to keep in mind...

First – This offer will be active for purchases made over the duration of May 1, 2020 to September 30, 2020.

Second – It applies to all eleven currently available titles.

Third – Both paperback and Kindle editions will be included.

Fourth (and this is a big one) – Some books (such as Time Just Drifts Away and the Strange and Unexpected trilogy) currently include donations to charity. Causes noted in any of Bob’s titles will continue to be supported as applicable and stated by that specific title.

Regardless of whether or not you do take part in this special effort, we hope you’ll take a moment to consider both Roswell Park and Yale, as well as any of the potentially amazing and worthy programs that are special and important to you. We are currently being challenged in ways the vast majority of us have never experienced and could never have predicted. It is truly up to us to find ways to help those that need our attention and assistance.

We absolutely hope you’ll take a few moments to look around, make a selection or two of Bob’s books, and complete a purchase. (They make great gifts!) For more on all things published, check out that section of the In My Backpack web site:

Writing & Books

Thank you for the consideration. And for those that do make a purchase or two, thank you for your support.

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We are extremely grateful for all of your attention and consideration. Thank you for spending some time with us, and especially for checking out Bob's published writing. Consider best wishes, rainbows and sincere gratitude sent your way.

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