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For December 2020 and January 2021...


As a special for the months of December and January, we are pleased to offer the following package deals on the first eleven of Bob's released efforts (this does not include January Resolutions)...

Purchase one or more of Bob's books, and you'll receive each book, personalized and signed, with shipping for:

1 book - $15

2 books - $25

3 books - $32

Each additional - $7

** As a new release, January Resolutions may be obtained for $20 per copy, which includes the personalization, signature and shipping. There are no additional discounts for this title. **

To place your order, send us an e-mail - Penny@inmybackpack.com - with the titles being requested, number of copies per title, and any special inscription notes. We will reply to this e-mail confirming the order and outlining payment totals/information.

Due to the process necessary for preparing and shipping the materials, please allow 4-8 weeks for completion of your order.

Writing & Books

Thank you for the consideration. And for those that do make a purchase or two, thank you for your support.

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We are extremely grateful for all of your attention and consideration. Thank you for spending some time with us, and especially for checking out Bob's published writing. Consider best wishes, rainbows and sincere gratitude sent your way.

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If you have any comments or questions, please e-mail Penny@inmybackpack.com