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In My Backpack is an on-going project. It’s a place where I can take my writing and try to post material with no worries about perfection.

(Seriously. You can go ahead and send along a critique based on some rules of grammar or whatever if you wish, but I’m looking for this site to be filled with opinions… works in progress… attempts at trying the unexpected and different... and, from what I have seen and created to date, a never ending presentation of horrible color choices for backgrounds. All sorts of stuff. Kind of a practice run in many ways. Which means that while quality is important, if you take a look around and find trial and error efforts... with more than a few errors... you shouldn’t be surprised.)

When it comes to the articles I post, I will make every effort possible not to change material once it’s in place. There may be instances where a link no longer works... places where I messed up the spelling or wording because editing and proofreading efforts occassionally need editing and proofreading... and moments where I simply should have done a better job. This means I may update something because it needs to be updated, though I will make every effort to avoid is changing the meaning of content.

You should know this also means I may end up with information posted that I have changed my mind about. Maybe. I don’t want to back away and try to mislead you with some sort of I-never-said-that response if I did say it. Perhaps in some cases I meant it with a sense of humor that simply didn’t translate… sarcasm doesn’t work in print all the time. As I get older though, I could end up changing my mind… you keep learning, you keep developing new ideas, and every so often you don’t think of things exactly the same way. The main thing to understand is, I will go back and fix my mistakes… I will look around and change some colors or layouts… I will create new lists of friends and special sites I want you to know about… but I will try to keep the content the way it was initially intended to be read. And I’ll do that regardless of whether I look back on it thinking it was pretty well written, or, thinking it is now shows exactly what an idiot I was.

I’d like to hear from you. Whether a suggestion, comment, question or thought, just click below to send me an e-mail. Whenever possible, I will try to respond or incorporate your feedback.

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