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A monthly diary of current postings and quick train of thought entries


April 2021

April 16th

A Parkside View

I kicked off the newsletter in July of 2016. I’ve released dozens of issues, included hundreds of essays, and published two books using content (with more on the way). Plans are being set up to begin expanding the effort a bit, which will start with the May edition in a few weeks.

This doesn’t mean massive changes, and each release will continue to focus on essays while incorporating some exclusive content. What will be attempted is bringing more of Backpackville into each issue.

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Salma Hayek. SALMA HAYEK with Samuel L. Jackson and some newcomer that might -- might -- have a small-role, marginally entertaining future. The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard with Ryan Reynolds. I’m in. (I’m so in.)

The more I see Dave Bautista, the more I like him. So, Bautista in a casino heist film that features zombies? Yup, I’m listening. I’m watching even before you add zombie tigers. Army of the Dead is coming to Netflix.

If you own some cows in Florida, haven’t seen them in a while and are wondering about them, there are a few people that would like you to come and bring them back home.

It’s a smaller world after all

April 14th

A few things going on right now.

Over the next week or so, expect some of the essays to take on a slightly more serious tone. This will not involve every piece getting posted, but I do want to try and get the general idea out there as we kick it off with on that most definitely is.

These pieces are designed to be conversation starters of sorts, and not necessarily polished and finished presentations of unwavering opinion. They have been off to the side for some time, and I think we’ve arrived at a place where presenting them makes sense.

This will be the only time where I post anything even approaching a warning about them, since in reality the tone may be a bit more serious but the work falls in line with much of what I have done over the years around Backpackville. Testing and experimenting often placed well ahead of perfection.

Revisiting video game violence

April 11th

What do we need to do to get you to consider purchasing some of Bob’s published titles?

Twelve books… Kindle and paperback editions… all available now.

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Check out Bob’s author page at Amazon, along with the Writing & Books area here at In My Backpack for more details.

Bob’s author page at Amazon

Writing & Books section of In My Backpack

April 10th

Interesting development, as Sony has agreed to shift some additional upcoming releases to Netflix. Spider-Man titles, as a Sony owned property, are currently the most glaring missing Marvel content from the Disney+ offerings. This article (and most I’ve seen) mentions the general idea, but not whether or not Disney was attempting any type of agreement for some of this content to appear on their streaming platforms.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has never shied away from bringing serious material into episodes. And now, with a season paused before it began, they have started working on their final episodes.

Because you can’t argue with stupidity

If a social media platform falls in the woods…

April 7th

New trailer for Loki (on Disney+), and the details keep getting better.

Every time I see something new for Cruella, I find myself loving it just a bit more. (I was not expecting that to be my reaction to this effort.)

More Mystery Science Theater 3000? Cool... I’m listening. But the really interesting and exciting part about this is almost hidden behind-the-scenes, in what appears to be an effort to create a new twist on the commissioned-work approaches to things that have been more apparent and developing in recent years.

Now I can’t not see it

The butter doesn’t melt

April 4th

The April edition of A Parkside View began making its rounds yesterday. If you haven’t signed up, you’re missing out. Missing out on…

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Normally I wonder when I see articles promising to rank something. And so, of course, I was skeptical when I checked out this ranking of Muppets. But honestly, they did a good job. I don’t agree with it in places. (Rowlf seems too high. Miss Piggy, too low.) But they bring in some quality names you might not be expecting (Sweetums), and when you see the list in full you begin to realize what an impossible task this list is for hitting it perfectly.

A new trailer for Black Widow is out.

Where is WKRP?

From where you are to where you need to be

April 2nd

Two quick things to get started…

* A Special Offer is available, and continues to the end of this month. Two paperback books (Life Won’t Pass Me By, paired with a selection of one more, each can be signed and personalized), a signed limited-edition collectible (a photo of the Life Won’t Pass Me By cover, autographed by Bob and the artist, Jay Gillen), and in many cases shipping will also be included.

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Indigo Girls. Love them. No, actually, LOVE them. Here’s a nice piece from Liza Lentini about the duo.

April is setting up as a very interesting month for Netflix. Thunder Force. Shadow and Bone. The Mitchells vs. The Machines. And now, add Things Heard & Seen to your playlist.

Not a lot of details, but some news about the next season of What We Do in the Shadows is beginning to come out.

Essays and newsletter coming up, starting this weekend.



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