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A monthly diary of current postings and quick train of thought entries

October 2020

October 11th

Got A LOT of ground to cover today. Not necessarily a lot by something like total word count, but more variety of content and a checklist of items to wade through.

As one idea, I’m about to shut down for a bit to get the new book wrapped up. The final run appears set at more than five dozen essays in January Resolutions, and I’m kicking around four new pieces that I believe will be part of the finished manuscript. If they all make it, we may actually be only one or two away from six dozen essays.

End result… I’ve got a final draft to complete, some cover thoughts to bring into focus, and a need to get it all packaged by the end of the month so I can get a proof copy ordered while having time left for any changes that might be needed before the release date I’m looking at on November 24th.

So… you know… that’s the major project I’ve got on the calendar. A few other assorted odds and ends may mean that I don’t have a chance to be posting much material over the next week or two. I might be able to make some quick appearances, just not certain.

For today’s entry, I’ve got a couple of redrafted essays to share. Both of these were in the batch collected for January Resolutions, but I tossed them in the first round of cuts. There’s really no consistent reason for why I end up tossing essays out of the mix when I’m looking over a large batch for a book. This effort was no different, with well over one hundred pieces gathered and the first wave of cuts simply being that they didn’t feel right during quick reads.

In the case of these two however, I found myself looking at them and instead of not liking what I saw I found I was thinking about how this chunk here might be better later on, and that chunk there could use some fresh perspectives, and maybe a revision of another paragraph might improve the point being made, and… in the end I didn’t want to just toss them. I wanted to continue tinkering. So, I tinkered.

They may not be perfect. (I never pretend anything on this site is.) But I like where they’re headed. We’ll close up with those.

The next effort for Spider-Man is getting crowded, with Doctor Strange now joining the party. Marvel is setting up a very interesting shift moving into the next phases.

Soul is headed directly to Disney+. Not a stunning change overall, but it is yet another noteworthy move as far as film releases and the current status of theaters.

Here are those efforts…

Revisiting the outsourcing of McDonald’s

Multi-task still means multi-headache

October 7th

Basic entry today… just trying to keep moving, not sure when I’ll be back, and want to get stuff out…

Free Guy is on the way. Latest effort from Ryan Reynolds is gaining traction as cinemas look toward some type of movement in business.

The shuffling of movies continues though, this time with announcements for things like Dune and The Flash. But there’s an interesting catch that gets missed. The further these get pushed back, the more chances increase of casts changing and decrease for franchises expanding. For instance… check out Shazam. The current run of films saw its first release in March of 2019. This article places Shazam 2 around June of 2023. When you’re dealing with a superhero that has teenage alter ego, that four-year difference could become significant if you think you’re going to be able to push the childish innocence angle beyond this movie into a third or fourth film, or even with associated appearances in other projects. Impossible? No. Not at all. But audiences are demanding a bit more of superhero franchises, and it is a gorilla in the room that cannot be ignored.

And finally, surprise, a new piece…

How did they find me?

October 1st

This is going to be another strange month. But a strange month with a lot going on, and a strange destination in sight.

Big thing… as far as you will be concerned… is material is coming. The October issue of A Parkside View has been released… January Resolutions is moving along, with a November release still likely… and we’ve got a new piece to wrap up this entry. So, sure, October is not going to be a blank slate.

But… for one thing, book release coming up… focus is shifting a bit on a day to day basis. So, won’t be here all the time with new material. You’ve been warned.

I mentioned the newsletter. Are you getting it each month? It’s free, all you need to do is request to be added to the distribution. If you’d like to get each edition of A Parkside View, send me an e-mail.

Let’s wrap it up with the essay…

By the side of the road



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