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A monthly diary of current postings and quick train of thought entries


January 2021

January 18th

Let’s kick things off today with a spin around some national and international media sites…

California – Disney is changing the ticketing offerings in California for Disneyland and the California Adventure theme parks. The current annual pass system is ending. Some of this has to do with a combination of the parks being closed and what is expected to be limited attendance possibilities for some time once the do open again.

Nevada – A woman is accused of setting fire to an apartment and attempted murder. Her alleged actions apparently began from a bad dinner date, where her male friend arrived with only five dollars.

Japan (via BBC) – Super Nintendo World, a new theme park, is delaying its grand opening. A part of Universal Studios Japan, the new attraction was scheduled to open in the beginning of February.

Indiana – A new public statue is causing a bit of a stir.

England – A study into honey, and specifically the sources bees are using to make it, has come up with some very interesting observations. Unfortunately, some of the details are not promising.

And to wrap it all up, two new essays…

City of roses

Did you know?

January 17th

We’ve got three more essays to add today. That brings us to 18 pieces posted in 17 days. Links at the end.

Quick reminder about this month’s Special Offer. Order by the end of January, and you can get deals on all of Bob’s books, especially the first eleven releases. The offer includes a signature and personalization for each book, plus shipping to most U.S. addresses. (It’s a bit different for January Resolutions, which is the latest title published, but there are options for including it.)

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Here’s the new stuff…

Prepping for the snow

Stumped by the home improvement shows

When was the last time you played your guitar?

January 15th

Three new essays today. Find the links at the end.

Article that goes over an interesting way to cook sweet potatoes.

Story from Sam Anderson on the last two northern white rhinoceroses.

And here are the new pieces…

Passively avoiding technological advances

The night the lights went out (Or didn’t)

And now I know

January 12th

Today we’ve got five new essays to post.


Brings the total for the month to twelve, and places on right on track for our efforts to average one per day this month.

Ben & Jerry’s is getting ready to hit the market with treats for dogs. (Yes. True.)

Great piece on Neil Peart in Rolling Stone.

And here we go with the new stuff…

Even when the pizza is bad, is it still good?

Label the boxes before you move

The shopping list begins again

Normal is… whatever it is

The origins of meringue

January 10th

Where can you find my books?

Actually, several places. They can be located online at several booksellers, including Barnes & Noble. They can be found in a few independent bookstores, such as Bank Square Books in Mystic and Savoy Bookshop & Café in Westerly.

Right now, the best place to find every title is Amazon, for both the paperback and Kindle editions.

Bob’s Amazon Author Page

January 9th

I admit it, we’ve had a bit of a slow start to the month here. I’m not going into details, but suffice to say there has been a lot to take care of around the house. For now, we’re back, and still heading down the path to get an essay a day average moving.

Just one link today, and then a few special posts joining the site.

Apparently, Japan is doing research on making a satellite out of wood. You read that right. Not an article with a ton of details, but the concept is very interesting.

Today we’re going to make the first posts of the From the Backpack material on the site in some time. Understand that these essays may have a couple of limitations to overcome, not the least being that they were written well over a decade ago.

The first one comes from 2003. I know it was based on an idea that had been kicking around for several years, and eventually seems to have found a final draft around December.

Maybe I’ll try to write for Playboy after all

The second one comes from the first half of 2006. The fun (and timely) part is the essay kicked around the ideas of government rebate checks, and at least dipped a toe into the idea of it being a bit of a vote-for-us gift disguised as support for difficult times. It caught my eye for what I think are pretty obvious reasons.

If we’re being led by idiots, but they give us money, will we care?

And then there’s a third essay I’m going to post.

Honestly, it’s awful.

It doesn’t express the ideas I wanted to explore that well, and what it does say is horribly dated. I tried re-writing a few things, but had troubles deciding what I wanted to even attempt.

Still, from May of 2006, there’s three reasons I’ve decided to post it: (1) The Sports area here on the site has dropped off the map. Really haven’t posted anything in that section. This could be a nice kick in the pants. (2) I’ve often said this web site is never about getting things smooth and perfect as it is about experimenting and having conversations. (3) Each time I read it over, a few things make a strong enough connection that I can’t bring myself to refile it away in the archives, delete it, or anything else. Something keeps it kicking around and I find I want to tinker with it.

Of all the meaningless…

And just like that, we’ve got seven essays in place by the ninth day of the month. It’s behind the pace we’re looking to set, but not too far off.

More in a day or two.

January 5th

2021 has begun, In My Backpack has moved into the New Year, this month’s A Parkside View has been released, and we already have some new essays in place.

(Deep breath. And… exhale.)

We’ve got a good amount of stuff to check out in the next few days, but we’ll limit things today to some new material…

A blanket of snow

The differences at home

About some upcoming From the Backpack style essay posts…

As I do every so often, recently I have been looking over some of the older material which includes pieces that were, for a variety of planned and unplanned reasons, removed from the active site. I have roughly a half-dozen pieces that may be working their way back into Backpackville from this.

Also, as this month moves along, I may have a surprise or two to share. I’ve been taking out some old notebooks, and I’m looking over some material from decades ago… as in thirty-plus years… way before the Backpack site was around. It is very possible that I may have a couple to share, and will more or less set them up as From the Backpack pieces. Trick is, none of this stuff is in any kind of an electronic format, so we’ll see how it develops.

January 2nd

Nothing too new to report, but we do have new essays to share…

The words I dare not say

The end of Thrones

January 1st

Happy New Year!

A couple of quick suggestions for those of you looking to try some new things…

A Parkside View

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The January edition will be out this weekend.

We won’t lie… you don’t need to act right now to take advantage of the deal, since we’re always here with open arms, free today and will be free next month (and the month after (and the month after… and you get the idea)). We will tell you the truth… act in the next few days if you want the January 2021 edition… but we’ll be glad to see you whenever you want to join us.

January Resolutions

The latest release from Bob and his twelfth book. It’s out, you can find it in paperback and Kindle editions, and it’s getting some good responses (such as this one from the Warwick Beacon).

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That’s it for today. We are approaching January this year as a month where we’d like to average more than an essay per day, so get ready for some new content to begin appearing soon.



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