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A monthly diary of current postings and quick train of thought entries


July 2023

July 28th

Today’s entry is likely going to put a wrap on July. I’ve got some things to set up for next month, and want to open up August at full speed.

The Doctor Who celebrations for the 60th anniversary are nearing. The three specials with David Tennant arrive in November, with the Fifteenth Doctor taking over in December.

Only Murders in the Building starts season three in August.

The test of a pub

Back in a few days!

July 21st

Took a few days to get settled into things again, but I think we’ve caught up.

New essay last week and another today, so the Friday posting routine is back in place…

A Parkside View will be released for July over the weekend…

Hopefully a few surprises next week.

So, enjoy the new material, take a look around, and come back again soon. Have a great day.

Blistex around the world

July 17th

Roughly a week ago, I had the opportunity to speak in Australia at the Chatswood Library. I met some fantastic people, and really enjoyed what, for me, was a special afternoon.

I want to thank everyone involved in making the presentation happen. I am incredibly grateful for the kindness and attention offered by the team of the Willoughby City Library group, and specifically the terrific folks at Chatswood. Of note, a very special thank you to Cecilia, Sherry and Rebecca for their consideration, assistance and patience. The honor of speaking at Chatswood is one that means a great deal to me, and I hope it was viewed as positively by you as I feel it was.

I also want to express my appreciation to everyone that took the time to attend the event. To say that you were polite, thoughtful, engaging and fun doesn’t even begin to truly capture how exceptional a group you were. From the first informal meetings ahead of the program’s start, you made me feel welcome and valued. (I have to admit, it felt kind of good to be gently nudged toward the door because we gathered for so long to chat after the presentation that they needed to clear the room for the next event.)

(I hope everyone that I met will take the chance to reach out soon. Looking forward to staying in touch with all of you.)

July 14th

Yup… we’re back…

The projects that have been keeping me away from a regular routine are finally winding down. May be a flare up here and there—the joys of an opportunity that may lead to additional projects—but for now we’ve got a new essay today, and we should have the ability to post every Friday for a few weeks in a row.

Might take a couple of days to settle in, but we’re starting. For today, we flip the calendar to July and, since it’s Friday, we have a new essay. More on the way.

Technology will get there (But it may not be there yet)



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