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A monthly diary of current postings and quick train of thought entries


June 2023

June 9th

I’m able to post today because I do have a piece ready, but the wave of other projects I’ve been mentioning is beginning to ratchet up the daily time crunch in even more restrictive ways. It is going to be taking up more—if not all—of my time beginning this weekend. I may be missing for the next couple of weeks around here.

(By the way, A Parkside View will be out for June late today or tomorrow.)

The Sanderson Sisters seem to have another return heading toward production. Hocus Pocus 3 appears to be moving ahead.

Sheen. Tennant. Second season of Good Omens approaches.

How did I lose that?

June 6th
June 2nd

Short entry today. New post. More coming over the next few days…


June 1st

Some general items I want to put out there, just so we’re aware the details.

First – The new post every Friday schedule – As I mentioned in early May, I’ve managed to get involved in a few professional efforts that are hitting my schedule all over the place. These have been exciting projects, but fairly demanding and really chew up large chunks of time in all sorts of unusual ways. That has already meant two weeks in May where I was able to post new material, just not on Friday.

For today, I can tell you I think things are fairly safe for the next two or three weeks. But, these efforts continue, and I am expecting the routine to get disrupted around the middle of the month.

Second – New book releases – As noted a few days ago, I’m hitting the delay button for publishing dates. I do expect that I can get all four books planned for 2023 out in 2023. Even think I’ll have one by August. But that darn schedule means I can’t get into other areas for long enough to guarantee the work I need to get done will be finished. Plus—yes, surprise twist, there’s a plus—some efforts outside the self-published books I’ve announced are being considered (with calendars in several hands as they are). The next six to nine months are going to be a lot of fun.

Third – Upcoming appearances – Some dates are being finalized, and they are pretty exciting. I simply can’t share them right yet, but get ready because the miles are going to add up.

Fourth – Material is on the way – The latest A Parkside View is out for May, and June should actually be released within the next week. I will be posting stuff, such as new essays. So, keep visiting, keep checking in, and don’t be afraid to look around a bit if you think you’re caught up. The ‘ville is a big place, and there are plenty of things to see.

New essay to wrap things up…

To repair (or replace)



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