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A monthly diary of current postings and quick train of thought entries


March 2023

March 31st

It’s the end of March…

Twenty years of In My Backpack. It’s been quite the ride so far, and we’ve got so much still to do.

Thanks for joining me—for supporting me—along the way.

It’s Friday, and that means new material. Look for the links to two new essays at the end of this entry.

Secret Invasion has a brilliant cast. And now, we appear to have a release date. Look for it to arrive on Disney+ in late June.

The snow melt

The view outside your door

March 27th

Let’s take a look at the Travel Trilogy as we head toward the upcoming release, Once in a Lifetime

Back in the early days of In My Backpack. I added travel journals and such to the site. Over the course of several adventures, the efforts evolved. A lot.

In 2013, many of the trips were brought together in a trio of books, the Strange and Unexpected series. Released on the same day in April 2013, the three volumes collected stories and events from Florida, California and Las Vegas. It also showcased three things that have become the most important elements in my travel writing: Learning about the place you visit, having fun, and interacting with people (from those you share the experience with to anyone you meet along the way).

Continuing adventures led to the addition of a fourth book in the trilogy—Something Old, Something New—which documented multiple trips to Orlando and a few days in Savannah. This book was released in 2016.

Following that publication, I began to wonder about making some slight adjustments to how travel was presented on the website, and potentially in the books. Diaries and day-by-day journals had become a part of the works. “Best of…” columns covered the favorite items and advice learned from our experiences. And we occasionally brought in other travel partners to investigate other aspects of travel.

Considering and leaning toward that transition, I thought about bringing together one more book to add to the Strange and Unexpected efforts. A fifth title that I expected would wrap up the Travel Trilogy before any changes were made. That effort is set to come together in Once in a Lifetime, which will focus on Seattle and Nashville.

And, with that in place, reality came about.

A funny thing happens when you travel. You often encounter strange things. Unexpected things. In the swirl and timing and work that was involved in making the decision to look over and potentially revamp travel coverage in the future around The ‘ville, I set off on a very personal, very special, very important trip. 1,500 Miles from Home is the result of that journey.

Once in a Lifetime is up as the next release. While the date is still being set, it should be out in May of 2023. 1,500 Miles from Home is in development, with expectations for it being published targeting late 2023. And with those releases, the six book Travel Trilogy will have a ribbon put in place. (With a pretty bow. Strange and unexpected indeed.)

March 24th

Moving toward the final week of the twentieth anniversary month.

We’ve announced some plans for upcoming projects. Last month we released a new book. Things have been busy. (Speaking of the new book…)

Suspiciously Picturesque

The effort was designed to celebrate the nineteenth anniversary of In My Backpack. It contains seventy-one-essays, dating back to the early days of the site. Six were crafted exclusively for its pages. Print and Kindle editions are available, and the book is spreading to additional online sources. If you’d like to learn more (and thank you for that), you can look around this website, or visit Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the sites of several other booksellers.

Suspiciously Picturesque at Amazon

Suspiciously Picturesque at Barnes & Noble

Today marks the second week of the new schedule, where the plan is to post something new every Friday (usually essays, but in the future it will likely involve interviews, photo galleries and other content). Today, we’ve got two new pieces to share.

An honest mistake

The greatest find

March 21st

A few special announcements today. We’ve got a bit of ground to cover on five—yes, FIVE—upcoming book release schedules.

Initially I was looking at three more releases in 2023 and targeting mid to late April for the next book, and those plans have been pretty consistent. The work in arranging an appearance schedule, along with a few personal commitments, has me thinking of adjusting that a bit. Plus…

I had been tinkering with inserting another book into the mix. I have several manuscripts moving along at good clips right now. Getting some ribbons and bows into place, sharing the material, and moving on to other projects makes it important for me to get these set.

So, I’m pleased to announce…

Once in a Lifetime
May 2023 release

You may never get published (Horror stories and thoughts to help you try anyway)
July 2023 release

Untitled October Fires project
Late September to early October 2023 release

1,500 Miles from Home
Late November to early December 2023 release

A Parkside View: Volumes 7 & 8
February 2024 release

I’ll be sharing more about each of these efforts over the next couple of weeks.

Mephisto is a really terrific Marvel character. Hiding basically in the background (we haven’t seen him yet, that we know of), there are whispers—whispers people, just rumors—that a project may be in the works with Sacha Baren Cohen taking on the role.

If you’re looking for great, fun, mindless comedy, Broken Lizard is the group that should be your go to source. Start with Super Troopers and build from there. Here’s an interview with the gang. (Their newest effort, Quasi, hits Hulu on April 20, 2023.)
March 17th

This week we’re going to try to bring some structure to The ‘ville. Beginning today, Friday will be something of an automatic post day, with at least one new piece being added to the site.

As we move along, my expectations are that material may be posted at any time. So, there absolutely might be essays and such put into place and released on any day of the week. What I’m trying to do is simply create a set schedule that makes it a bit easier for you to be able to count on finding something new when you drop in.

So, today we’ll close with two new pieces and kick that off.

Full trailer out for The Little Mermaid. (And, it looks pretty sweet.)

Season three of Only Murders in the Building is looking better and better.

A moment of silence for baseball

Closed for business

March 12th

It’s one of the best shows on television, and season four will be its last. Barry is nearing its return (and its conclusion).

The first season of one show—Our Man In Japan—was a brilliant effort. James May has more projects coming to Amazon Prime Video.

Three steps beyond what you’re thinking

Revisiting world fame

March 8th

Happy Anniversary!

In March of 2003, the In My Backpack website made its first posts. We’ve developed, reorganized, grown, and, well, let’s just say there have been some improvements over the years…

Just a quick entry today. New essays coming up soon. Other stuff to be shared. For now, let’s point at the latest release…

Suspiciously Picturesque

You can find it in print and Kindle editions, available now at Amazon (and beginning to show up at other great online booksellers like Barnes & Noble).

Suspiciously Picturesque print edition at Amazon

Suspiciously Picturesque at Barnes & Noble

Bob’s author page at Amazon



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