Title Town (and other tangents)
Sports at The Backpack
2003 thru 2016



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Title Town is the result of reviewing literally hundreds of sports essays that have appeared on the In My Backpack web site over the years.

The process in general was simple enough... selecting material with a foundation that for the most part avoided being dated (though almost all needed some attention), investing time and effort in proofreading and editing and updating and rewriting, and ultimately bringing some of the best moments to date from the sports history of the Backpack into a single edition.

It’s easy to look at a piece that focuses on some sort of historical event, such as a football game or baseball season, and in many ways see it lose its impact. Dozens upon dozens upon more baseball season previews and weekly football picks have been brought to the 'ville. Tremendous fun at the time… great to look over again a few years later... not right for this collection. They are trapped in time, chained to their moment in history.

There are other essays (and even just passages within an essay) -- finding my uncle’s copy of The Open Man, a book by Dave DeBusschere… recalling an observation attempting to define what it means to be great… and looking over the teams winning championships since the first Super Bowl -- where most elements work as well today as they did when first posted.

The majority of material in this collection arrived at In My Backpack between 2003 and 2016. Together it is an assortment that focuses heavily on baseball and football, with basketball, soccer and other topics. There are also a few brand new essays coming exclusively to these pages.

In most cases, each essay has been thoroughly ripped apart from the original form and then reassembled into something almost new while maintaining the original spirit. For those that have been posted on thie site previously over the years, they never looked like this.

Title Town (and other tangents) was released on April 18, 2017.

If you have any comments or questions, please e-mail Penny@inmybackpack.com