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The Essays with Dumb Old Bob

You can find The Essays just about everywhere you can find a podcast. Spoyify, Amazon Music, Pandora, iHeart Radio and more all have The Essays with Dumb Old Bob available. And,. we're working with other platforms to arrange it. So, keep looking for it on your platform of choice.

New episodes of The Essays are available every Monday.

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It's the monthly newsletter, well into its ninth volume.

It's also available for free!

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To date, the editions have collectively produced content for four published works along with all sorts of special material. We have some exciting plans for A Parkside View, and hope you'll be a part of this project by receiving it each month.

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99-cents... 99-cents... 99-CENTS!!!

All of Bob's published titles are available in print and Kindle editions. And, the first fourteen of them are available for your libraries on Kindle and the Kindle app at a price of 99-cents.

(GREAT side note... all of Bob's books are also part of the Kindle Unlimited program. And that means some of you could be reading Bob's books for free.)

Should learning more about Bob's writing be of interest to you -- and if it is, THANK YOU -- use this link...

Writing & Books

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