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Chances are good that you have seasonal changes where you live.

Nothing that actully lines up with a specific date, and perhaps not some massive shift of temperatures and storms and so on. (No one pushes a button on a September day in some city of the United States and suddenly the leaves on every tree randomly shift to yellow, oranbge or red.)

Transitions. Slow changes. Seasonal changes.

Right now, outside more door, it's raining. And that's pretty much April and May. Long periods of rain, interrupted by moments of light misting and an overwhelming sense of cold and damp.

It's lovely.

April showers do not bring May flowers. They bring soggy lawns that you can't walk across without sinking a few inches into the mud (forget attempting to mow). It takes two sunny days to do anything... one to move from sopping wet to patches of soggy conditions, the other to attempt to get some work done before the rain returns and shifts everything back to drenched.

Gardening is a blast. Everything... and I do mean everything... comes with something like "put this down if there is any chance at all of a frost arriving" in the instructions.

And so... waiting for sunshine and temperatures that won't drop below 35 again... you wait. And prepare. You get ready so that once the sun breaks free of the clouds and hits the yard, you're ready to move. Which, in a very round-the-bend-tangent way brings Backpackville to May.

There has been A LOT of preparing going on around here. A ton of writing behind the scenes, with good intentions and hard work and more. And we are beginning to see some decent days ahead in the literary forecast, if you'll allow the forced concept.

A great summer is taking shape around The 'ville... just need to get the lawn mowed, garden planted, and a stretch of sunny days.

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99-cents... 99-cents... 99-CENTS!!!

All ten of Bob's published titles are available in paperback and Kindle editions. And... right now... every title is available for Kindle and the Kindle app at a price of 99-cents.

(GREAT side note... all of Bob's books are also part of the Kindle Unlimited program. And that means some of you could be reading Bob's books for free.)

Should learning more about Bob's writing be of interest to you -- and if it is, THANK YOU -- use this link...

Writing & Books

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Local Friends for Local Business

This month the Local Friends challenge is...

Breakfast on the run

How do you start your day?

Cup of coffee? The big plate special at the amazing diner? Maybe a bagel or a muffin in the car?

Whether we are trying to address a caffeine-junky-need just to move... have a rushed fifteen seconds or a lazy hour... are settled into a place to sit down, are looking to bring something home, or need a hands-friendly item that can be eaten while you drive...

We all have our approaches to breakfast. And, there are places you count on to meet those approaches.

This month, Local Friends is inviting you to check out the nieghborhood and find some of the great places you count on for breakfast. Counter service... table service... something to bring home with you... breakfast.

Breakfast on the run
May 1st - 31st

Join the May Local Friends for Local Business...

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