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And now, finally, we are moving once again.

I admit it... May and June of 2019 were two of the slowest months ever around Backpackville. There was a lot going on, just not here on the web site.

That's about to change.

It's going to take a few days in July to clear some things up, dust away a few of the cobwebs and knock aside a bit of rust. But, we're going to get things going, and once it begins things will start clicking.

The month of July should end up with more than thirty new essays being posted. July or August will see some new interviews arrive around here. And, several assorted little jobs around the site should finally get put into place.

And that's just a beginning.

National Buy Bob's Book is back in August, offering a fun and goofy way of approaching what around here is a serious effort. While some major projects are getting shuffled, there are still a minimum of two book releases planned over the next six to eight months.

So, yes, it's been slow. Only one thing to say to that...


(As always... thanks for stopping in, and THANKS for the time, support and consideration. Look around, have some fun, and come back again soon.)

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99-cents... 99-cents... 99-CENTS!!!

All ten of Bob's published titles are available in paperback and Kindle editions. And... right now... every title is available for Kindle and the Kindle app at a price of 99-cents.

(GREAT side note... all of Bob's books are also part of the Kindle Unlimited program. And that means some of you could be reading Bob's books for free.)

Should learning more about Bob's writing be of interest to you -- and if it is, THANK YOU -- use this link...

Writing & Books

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Local Friends for Local Business

This month the Local Friends challenge is...

As apple pie

The expression sourced for this challenege -- "As American as apple pie" -- covers a fair amount of ground. Nostalgia, fun, celebrations, parties, and the list goes on.

We're going to use the July 4th fireworks and summer days as a way of starting things off, and moving it into the territory of anything that has somewhat legendary, somewhat iconic, in no small way traditional place your neighborhood.

It could begin with those seasonal stands that are only open for a few months. It could include annual family gatherings and city events. Might be as simple as that cookout in the yard where you always manage to fall asleep in a hammock to take a nap before setting up the fire pit.

Whatever it is that creates traditional celebrations for you, think about those local businesses that can help you enjoy the festivities.

As apple pie
July 1st - 31st

Join the July Local Friends for Local Business...

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