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August 2023

August 8th
August 7th
August 6th
August 4th

It’s Friday! Got a new post for you.

(If you’re counting, that’s four for the month, so we’re on the right pace. But, things are going to pick up over the next few days.)

The debate about advancing

August 2nd

National Buy Bob’s Book Day
Celebrating the Twelfth Anniversary on August 26, 2023

As many of you know, back in 2012 we came up with a silly way of promoting Bob’s published works. Time Just Drifts Away had been released that summer, and ideas were being kicked around to shine a light or two in the direction of the project.

Over the course of a few days in late July that summer, a variety of items were being passed around for national day of this and national day of that. And as we like to say around here, if raspberry cream pie can have a day for itself, why not Bob’s books?

Ever since, we’ve tried to have a bit of fun on August 26th. This year, with Suspiciously Picturesque having been released a few months ago, that spotlight we turn on is hitting twelve efforts. And we do have some announcements and special offers to share.

* As of today, the Kindle editions of every one of Bob’s published titles are available for 99-cents. (Adjust accordingly internationally.) All fourteen books, and you can add all of them to your Kindle library for less than fifteen dollars.

* During the festivities – from August 24th to August 28th – the Kindle editions of five of Bob’s books will be available as free downloads. This includes Volumes One, Two and Three of the Strange and Unexpected series (Florida, California and Las Vegas), Something Old, Something New, and Title Town.

* All month long (requests made from today until August 31st), the two most recent releases – A Parkside View: Volumes 5 & 6 and Suspiciously Picturesque – are part of a Special Offer. For $25, you get the paperback editions of both books, signed by Bob and shipped to you (certain shipping restrictions may apply).

We’ll be sharing more details as the month moves along, as well as some updates on other projects and efforts.

As always, we appreciate your support over the years. Thank you!

And now you have to

August 1st

Busy day to kick off the month.

Two essays to finish off this post.

A Parkside View is being wrapped up and will be released in a couple of days. The August edition will be heading out with six essays on its pages. Two brand new and four drawn from the archives.

And… time to start the count to the annual event we all know and love…

National Buy Bob’s Book Day

More on the festivities in a day or two. Let’s get to today’s fun…

We are setting off into August with the idea of making it an essay-a-day challenge month. So, the hope is to get thirty-one pieces posted, and we’re starting with two of them today.

A few announcements coming up in the next couple of days, so with those plans and actions set in motion, let’s get things wrapped up and moving for now…

We’re getting looks at the second season of Loki, with a new trailer out. Look for it to arrive on Disney+ beginning on October 6th.

Something interesting to watch, though I’m not 100% certain why: Disney is about to end releasing physical copies of movies and such in Australia. (I find it interesting for reasons beyond just availability, which will be shifting to streaming and televised events. For instance, the collectible market. The initial data will focus in on a test run of sorts, taking a place where physical sales have been on decline and transitioning the market pretty much to exclusively digital availability. But there is more to this. Collectibles being one area. Plus, Disney is one of the places where, on Disney+, content has been seeing limited lifetimes on the service with some noteworthy productions taken down.)

But it means something to me

If only it was as simple as buying a car


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