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A monthly diary of current postings and quick train of thought entries


October 2023

October 29th


…we’re not going to make it to thirty-one essays.

So, we’re loading up for November and making another run at things. Yup… thirty days in November. (Alternate meanings intended… side notes, shameless plug, Thirty Days in November available in paperback and for Kindle. Makes a fantastic gift. Add it, along with my other titles, to your holiday shopping. Umm… ok… back to it…)

Won’t be easy hitting thirty new essays, partly because the holidays are coming and travel is nutty. But we’re going to give it a shot. And, because I’m really invested in getting A LOT of work done, it’s going to be a massive thirty days…

We’re also stepping back to an old friend, National Novel Writing Month. Going to use it as a way to put an upcoming project into motion.

The bottom line?

Even short of the target, a solid run of production in October. A Parkside View for the month is out today, with November coming in about ten days. Lots of work in lots of areas next month. Things in Backpackville are good, with a wave of material on the way.

See you again soon.

October 23rd

Should have a few more things to add in upcoming entries. For today. Trying to pick up the pace with posts and get the target of thirty-one essays for the month more of a possibility.


Your distraction

When you hear the ice crack, believe it

October 21st

Three essays… more as the new week moves along…

Preserving your identity

Glasses, glasses, everywhere

The social media site that shall not be named

October 13th

September issue of A Parkside View is out and about, and the October issue is on the way. New essays at the end of this post, with more coming soon. Not a blistering pace for the month yet, but it brings the total to seven so far and we are moving along. (I still think we’re going to hit our goal of an average of one per day for October.)

October brought about a few updates and changes to things. This has included the site as well as social media pages. Since taking a some of these actions, a couple of questions arrived. Two pieces of information were mentioned that I think I should acknowledge…

First, I am extremely sad to announce that it’s true, the social media pages, external website and sections in Backpackville for ComplemenTerry Designs are being closed down. Any finished pieces and materials are, for now, being handled privately. A massive amount of appreciation goes to all of you that supported these efforts and events over the years. It has been an amazing experience, with so many of you becoming very close friends as a direct result of these endeavors. I am grateful to all of you, and thank you.

Second, we are also phasing out areas and projects associated with Local Friends for Local Business. While I—and everyone around The ‘ville—are still enthusiastically committed to the support of local businesses, it has repeatedly been proven over the years that this needs something different. We will continue to mention small town treasures and unique finds, especially for special occasions and during travel-related efforts. Usually, it will be by using existing opportunities such as the Now Playing journal. Over time, we will explore a variety of new thoughts.

These two items are the most visible to date of many adjustments being made all around In My Backpack. We will continue to modify the site, attempting to make it more friendly and clean for you, while also allowing us the best options for presenting the materials we hope to share.

I expect a rush of work to begin hitting next weekend. Then, a full sprint to the end of the month (and hopefully clearing thirty-one new pieces). Enjoy these two, and come back again soon…

To rake or not to rake

What is love?

October 6th

A few days behind schedule in our quest to hit an essay a day average for October, so let’s get a few more in place. Got three essays to share today…

A hand to hold

Hidden in plain sight

Can you save me?

October 4th

Because of course, a few weird days in a row hit and hit hard. And—yeah, likely no surprise to you either that this would happen as well—those few days turned into several days, as August basically crossed immediately into October.

Been away, a good portion of the time working on some things, and now we’re back at it and posting in The ‘ville. We’ll go over what you can expect in October (and a bit of the future) in a second. Suffice to say as a start: Things are fine, and we’ve finally reached the time to get our feet moving again around here and pick up the pace. Groundwork in October, then an all-out sprint in November and December to wrap up the year.

We get to the actual start of this post and begin with a THANK YOU

National Buy Bob’s Book Day

The 2023 edition of this annual event featured a lot of things:

Kindle pricing on all of my books has been reset, and you can now add any of my fourteen published titles to your Kindle library for the whopping price of 99-cents each

There was a special offer on the latest titles

And we had a run where five older titles were available to add to your Kindle for free

Many folks looked around the website, and several took part in these offers. I truly appreciate it. I try creating casual atmosphere for it, because I fully recognize the silliness and borderline absurdity of recognizing my writing by declaring a national day of celebrations. Still, there is a very real seriousness for the efforts, and I am trying to raise awareness and give a bit of fromt-and-center stage time to my work.

Thank you for enjoying the humor, appreciating what I do, and supporting my writing.

I am approaching October with plans to get back into things with an essay-a-day average, so we’ve got that to be happy about. First material arrives at the end of this entry.

A Parkside View is done for September, but those weird days I mentioned earlier paused just about everything. Look for the release of that issue by the end of the upcoming weekend, October just about mid-way into the month, and November should settle us back into a place where we get new editions out near the end of the month.

I expect to have some news later this month about publication schedules for new titles. And speaking of schedules…

I’ve been working with some old friends (and some great new places) to arrange a really interesting set of upcoming appearances. Yes, it looks like the writing workshop will return, along with some more traditional designs such as readings and signings. A few people are working with me on some fantastic new thoughts as well, and these should be joining the run early in 2024. I expect to final and confirm information on several, and will share what I can over the next few weeks.

You want more?



I’ve got some interesting guests working on projects with me, and I hope to be able to release one or two of them by the end of this month (definitely by November).

With all of that in place, I’m ready for a nap. So much time and so little to do.

(Wait. Strike that. Reverse it. See you again soon.)

Outside my door

Better than perfect



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